Project Management

Building Energy PerformanceWith the exception of engineering and design, project management is our core business and the place Building Energy Performance adds the greatest value. Breaking complex projects into manageable work packages — tied to specific deliverables and costs — is essential for successful project execution.

All projects experience challenges. This is particularly true for retrofitting existing buildings because the work required to eliminate all unknowns far exceeds the value of doing so.

The point of a detailed project plan and budget is not just the ability to manage the project to a successful conclusion, but also to allow for flexibility and management of challenges that the project will inevitably experience.

Our project management service covers:
  • Observing and reporting on installation progress
  • Preparing and maintaining detailed project plans and project budgets
  • Managing work schedules and statements of work for subcontractors
  • Developing impact and mitigation plans for your building or business
  • Communicating plans and updates to all impacted stakeholders
  • Preparing timely and useful written progress reports
  • Leading project management meetings for stakeholders
  • Managing and coordinating with all subcontractors
  • Ensuring quality control, leading safety briefings, and maintaining project documentation, including subcontractor insurance and bonds
  • Overseeing financial administration of the project, including cost control and disbursements to subcontractors
  • Closing out completed project, which includes assembling and completing warranties
  • Overseeing commissioning
  • Implementing system monitoring and conducting continuous commissioning

Typically, Building Energy Performance holds weekly project management meetings with the building owner. As necessary, suppliers are included in these meetings, and BEP coordinates participation of all key stakeholders because it’s our job to manage the project on our client’s behalf.

The essence of good project management is to stay on top of the details. When tasks are not completed either to budget or on time, we recognize and address this fact as a change to the project. Our change order process is rigorous and ensures that any alteration to the project, good or bad, is immediately addressed and resolved.