Managing Impact on Business and Tenants

Building Energy PerformanceMany project plans work extremely well for the suppliers, but they fail to take into account the impact on the building and its tenants. There is little point seeking to save money through long-term investments in energy efficiency only to lose money through negative impacts on your business or lost tenants.

A good change management strategy for a building retrofit includes:
  • A complete review of your business, and your tenants’ businesses, or occupant requirements for multi-unit residential buildings.
  • Collecting this information and overlaying it onto the retrofit project plan — making adjustments to ensure that the impact will be managed effectively.
  • All implementation events, such as changing out equipment, will have a contingency plan and communication plan to ensure that should something take longer than planned, people will be informed and have alternative solutions to continue their business or personal lives.
  • It has been our experience that proactive and constant communication with those affected by the project goes a long way to ensuring understanding, flexibility, and patience. We take responsibility for this communication and promise deliver with professional quality.