Independent Procurement

Building Energy PerformanceBuilding Energy Performance can serve as general contractor for all aspects of your energy efficiency retrofit. As such, we take the process of objective procurement seriously — rather than simply using firms that we know of or have worked with in the past. You are our client, and we work specifically with your interests front of mind.

Our Recommendations and Proposal document identifies energy efficiency measures (commonly known as EEMs) that will make a meaningful contribution to reducing your utility costs. These EEMs — which often include lighting, building automation, glazing, insulation, and HVAC systems — are the focus of our independent procurement process.

To ensure that we are getting quotations that you can easily compare, we prepare a short, but concise, Request for Proposal (RFP). This RFP process helps the responding suppliers know what is required of them, helps the building owner by gathering easily comparable bids, and advances the energy efficiency project by specifying the exact building upgrades sought. In addition to making an informed choice about suppliers, the RFP process is a vital step in preparing an accurate energy model.

The RFP also includes an assessment of the supplier’s depth of experience, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, warranties, and background checks as required by the client. If the building owner has particular preferences or ongoing trusted relationships with suppliers, then we will simply include that supplier without going through the competitive aspect of the RFP at the request of the client. However, we would strongly recommend that we still specify the requirement in detail using the RFP to ensure a complete understanding of the proposed project.