Energy Assessments and Energy Audits

Energy auditing is a complex business that should always be conducted by someone with specific training and experience. At its best, it should seek to answer specific questions and produce data that can be used to justify specific actions to conserve energy and reduce your utility bill.

A poorly executed energy audit runs the risk of producing vast amounts of data, many interesting graphs, photographs and charts, which read like a scientific study and leave the building owner unable to make a decision about what changes should be made to their building.

The key question of “which changes will have the biggest impact on my energy costs” is not always adequately addressed because an answer requires the courage to state an opinion.

It is certainly the case that some buildings, and energy usage patterns, require in-depth analysis. In the right circumstances, an energy audit from a professional and experienced firm is worth the investment — providing its focused on answering specific questions. However, it’s equally the case that many thousands of dollars have been wasted producing a lot of data from which no obvious recommendation emerges. Our Initial Assessment and subsequent Recommendation and Proposal provide actionable solutions focused on reducing your utility bill.