What exactly can I use a C-PACE loan for?

C-PACE is Colorado’s Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy finance program, which uses private dollars to provide long-term, fixed-rate capital to building owners to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. A closer look at what can be included might surprise you because most CapEx projects impact energy usage. For retrofits, C-PACE financing is typically used for new […]

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Finance commercial real estate with C-PACE

How to finance new CapEx without a bank loan

So, your 100,000 square foot office building needs a new HVAC system and your tenants are howling about comfort, the poor lighting, and their expensive utility bills. You call the bank, and they offer to loan you 80% of the cost of the building improvements, requiring a personal guarantee on the accelerating loan over a […]

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C-PACE financing: when should you use it?

C-PACE stands for Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy. It’s a program that uses private finance for building retrofits and new construction, like normal funding, except that it is turned into a property tax assessment on the building and collected by the county. So why would a building owner want to do that? Well, to start, […]

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